Monday, 23rd January 2017

On January 1st 2010, the Little Bay restaurant in Battersea was struck by a tragic fire which gutted the property. Over the past 7 years, they have worked meticulously to repair the restaurant and get it ready to re-open. And now, with the support and kind words of loyal customers and local residents, the restaurant is finally ready for business! We are proud to present to you: TWID Live Music Bar and Restaurant.

Whilst we are no longer called “Little Bay”, we have retained some of their signature features. When you visit, you will enjoy the wonderful theatrical decor and tiered seating areas which made Little Bay Battersea so popular. In addition, you can enjoy Live Opera entertainment 6 days-a-week (Monday-Saturday) from 7:30PM until 10PM.

But there are some new features too. For a start, we have an exciting Sharing Menu featuring a range of Meat, Fish and Vegetarian / Vegan / Raw dishes to pick and choose from to make your ideal meal. We also serve unique Raw Vegan Desserts which are made in-house by our Master Patissier using Premium Raw Organic produce. More exciting still is our new extensive drinks list, featuring a variety of wines, spirits, craft beers and cocktails. And if you’re looking to party, we bring out a Live DJ from 10PM onwards to spice up the atmosphere.

James Ditchfield, Marketing Manager for Little Bay and now TWID, said: “It has been a long 7 years. When the fire destroyed our restaurant in 2010, we were devastated. When we saw the extent of the damage and the years of work that had gone up in flames, it was hard not to become despondent. Quite honestly, the encouragement and support from our loyal customers and the local community in Battersea has been phenomenal. We hope that our new TWID restaurant will repay their kindness and become the heart of the local community once again.”

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TWID Live Music Bar and Restaurant in Battersea opened on the 23rd January 2017 and is now accepting reservations. For press enquiries, please email James Ditchfield at